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Lounging Female

I undertook this sculpture as a replacement for the Sitting Female attempt that became too large for placement on top of my pool waterfall. I again used a sand/stucco mold for the torso, then added the legs, one at a time, followed by the arms and head.

In this view, the right leg has just been joined to the torso, but I left the left leg off for a while to facilitate building up the inner thighs on both pieces. Once the second leg is attached, it is very difficult to work this area.

I next added the left and right arms, and then positioned up the hands to be flush with the seating surface.

The left leg is next fitted for attachment, with last minute details addressed where the legs come in contact with each other. This is one of the more difficult subtleties to effectively address, in my limited experience.

Rear quarter view showing the left leg now fiberglassed in place, ready for detailed sculpting.

The slightly too-small head from the Sitting Female sculpture is attached in place.

The pose is checked to ensure compatibility with the available surface area above the waterfall, still under construction during the pool remodel, and to determine the most suitable orientation for the feet.

The feet are then roughed out and attached to the calves, ready for detailed sculpting. Unfortunately this is about as far as I’ve progressed, due to too many conflicting hobbies, and the fact that most of my current models seem more interested in photography than sitting for sculpture. But I’ll get back to it someday‚Ķ

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