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Octopus Themed Jewelry Box (2016-2018)

Begun in February 2016, this project was a fun woodworking and sculpture effort for a close friend of mine named Carly, who collects really interesting off-the-wall items.  The first step was building a temporary form using a toy rubber ball and some rolled up poster paper (left), to which I applied a few layers of fiberglass cloth and polyester resin (right).


After separating the cured fiberglass shell from the form, I mounted it in the lathe and applied a layer of Bondo™ body filler (left), then sanded it to perfection (right).


The next step was to fabricate the eight legs out of wood, then sand each smooth.  Six legs were to provide support for the body, with two S-shaped legs raised in the air for hanging jewelry.


The wooden legs were covered in fiberglass for structural rigidity, then trimmed and resanded as shown in foreground below.


Fiberglass tips were added to each leg, which were then collectively attached to a mounting ring with two screws apiece.  A small rib between these screws allowed the tilt of each leg to be slightly adjusted to ensure simultaneous contact with the table surface.


The carefully adjusted legs were then permanently fiberglassed to the mounting ring using epoxy resin (to preclude shrinking during curing), after which the inter-leg webbing was installed.


The eye sockets were added next and the opening for the drawer carcass was cut.


The leg assembly was then fitted to the upper body and fiberglassed in place, after which the entire unit was sprayed with primer to reveal defects, filled, and repeatedly wet sanded to a glassy finish.


The two small drawers were fabricated from wood, with the curved fiberglass carcass cutouts (left) added to their fronts to match the curvature of the body (right).


Wet sanding and filling of defects continued until the surface was ready for two final coats of satin-finish black, followed by the installation of drawer pulls and eyes.  Completion date February 2018.


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