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ROBART III (1992 – 2009)

All ROBART III’s body compartments and panels were custom fabricated from fiberglass.  For a complete technical description, see ROBART III under ROBOTS

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The below images reflect the physical evolution of ROBART III over the years. The leftmost photo, circa 1995, shows the increased height of the electronics card cage to accommodate more circuitry, but the fiberglass front-body panel has not yet been lengthened accordingly.  The fiberglass head housing and both shoulder pods are complete, but only the right pan-and-tilt mechanism has been installed for the Gatling gun. The base, while functional, lacks its front panel and fiberglass shroud. In the center photo, circa 2000, the front body panel has been lengthened, with holes drilled for the speech-synthesis speaker and three sonar transducers added across the bottom. Note the base shroud, with headlight assembly and five-element sonar array installed on the front.  The left pan-and-tilt unit has also been installed for the triangulation ranging system.


The left photo below, circa 2002, shows the front of the base modified to accept improved LED headlights and a 2-D Sick lidar, with four of the original 5 sonar transducers retained, below which is the new tactile bumper assembly. The right photo shows a newly constructed fiberglass air accumulator for the gun and missile launcher, which replaced the triangulation ranging system made obsolete by the lidar. Note also the fiberglass pedestal mount for the MicroStrain 3DM-G gyro between the left and right kill switches at the bottom of the photo.

The below photo provides a bottom view of the fiberglass front-bumper assembly, which was mounted just beneath the lidar and sonar-array housing depicted above left. The spring-loaded bumper strips along the front and side perimeters activated the four black microswitches for tactile impact sensing. This assembly also provided the positive and negative contacts for battery charging.

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