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Sensors for Mobile Robots: Theory and Application

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Simply The Best Technical Book I have Ever Read., September 1, 1999 
Reviewer: A reader from Winthrop, MA, USA 
I read a lot of text books, papers and other references on Robots. I am always very carefull to research before I buy, and most books I get are at least interesting if not actually usefull. Sensors for Mobile Robots is both. It covers almost every type of sensor imaginable, and it does it very well. It includes both the Theory, Example and a vast wealth of helpful hints. In its limited size it would have been impossible to do more. This book should be in everyone’s library that deals with robots, or even sensors in the real world. 
Robert Posey 

One-of-a-kind text in mobile robotics, April 15, 2003
Reviewer: Ericson Mar from Woodside, NY United States
The author is one of the most renown in the field and reading this book you can see why in this one-of-a-kind book. This work documents many systems and techniques used in mobile robotics. It gives enough detail to provide a technical picture (without delving unnecessarily deep) for the sake of covering the broad range of topics. Although a bit dated as of this review I still would highly recommend this for educational and reference purposes in addition to leisure reading. Much of the technologies and techniques covered are still used in today’s world and definitely will likely be applied, in many ways, to future technologies (robotic or otherwise). For persons with some science and engineering background, this is an excellent book that can help you take a step into the world of robotics.

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